What is the Repicci procedure?

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Most people first develop Arthritis in only one of the three joint areas of the knee. This usually progresses slowly, but can be very painful. Often a patient is told to either live with the pain or have the entire knee replaced. This requires a lengthy hospitalization, blood loss and a long rehabilitation.

The Repicci Technique uses a relatively tiny (2-3 inch) incision, borrowing methods from his previous training as a dentist, to place a much smaller plastic inlay and metal cap to "fit and fill" or retread only the worn portion of the knee. You are walking in about two hours and most people go home the same day. Rehabilitation is rapid since the muscles are not disturbed and most people do not require formal physical therapy.

I also use the On-Q pain management system which actually delivers numbing medicine directly into to incision to relieve pain. More than 90% of unicomparmental knees are fuctioning well after 10 years. Depending on your age, weight and activity level, the need for a Total Knee Replacement may be eliminated and certainly delayed. If you eventually need a Total Knee  Replacement, then this is easily done with no compromise to that procedure.

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